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Online marketing is one of the most effective ways to bring a business to exciting new levels of success

Three Fat FIsh (Digital Search Australia) are a team of Sydney online marketing experts who are committed to delivering outstanding results for our clients and SEO reselling partners. We are purely ‘white hat’ in our approach to the different online marketing services we work on and only use ethical techniques alongside high quality content writers and other assets, this ensures our clients continue see benefit from work we do on an ongoing basis (without work dropping off). SEO is the main driving force behind out business and has big influence in our approach towards the other online marketing services we work on, which is a great place to be as SEO is the cornerstone of this exciting (opportunity filled) digital marketing world we live in, interconnecting so many different areas and as such is a vital component if you want your business to excel online.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is become such an important area of online marketing it can’t be ignored any longer…. Get in contact with us Today to request a bespoke strategy proposal so we can increase tweets, likes and a bit of good old engagement.

SEO Services

SEO is one of the most important elements of digital marketing.. Luck for you we are experts at SEO and have years of experience with a proven track record which includes working with many Australian well known brands.

SEO White Label Reseller Service

Are you a digital agency looking for a quality SEO white label service to resell to your clients? If so we can help. We are already partnered with a number web and online marketing agencies throughout Australia. Get in contact today to find out what makes us different.

Email marketing Service

Have you got a huge mailing list you are doing nothing with? Email marketing is a great way of leveraging existing customers to generate sales or engagement. We can help with email template design, setting-up advanced deliverable and segmentation tools, setting up reporting and tracking software as well as ongoing support and consultancy.

Pay Per Click (PPC Management)

Find out how Three Fat Fish can help you jump to the top of Google with our sophisticated AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) advertising & management service program. We offer Free Online Consultation to evaluate your current AdWords campaign remember our whole aim is to drive costs down and increase conversions so this data is very important to us.

Content Marketing Trends

Content marketing is fast becoming one of the most important tools to use when creating a well rounded online marketing strategy. We are always making sure we are ahead of the game and know the latest content marketing strategies, please take a look at our recent blog post: 6 Content Marketing Trends That Will Skyrocket Your Sales in 2015

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Local (SEO) Search

Are you Struggling to be found in Google for local search queries? Increase local visibility & traffic to your site with our local SEO services.

Google Maps

Google maps optimisation is an important part of any local search strategy. We will make sure your business gets that sought after listing.

Link Building Services

Effective link building is now done via content marketing targeting authority websites and blogs via an outreach process using a strict criteria.

Paid Search Ads

Are you looking at expanding the reach of your business in the quickest possible time? Ask about our AdWords management campaigns

WordPress Web Design

Looking for a new website which is mobile ready, responsive and fully optimised? Ask about our WordPress web design service.

Custom Email Design

Looking for that stunning email template which generates loads of engagement? Ask about our email marketing template design service.

Bespoke Online Marketing Agency Sydney

We provide a wide range of online marketing services which combine well together to generate a well rounded digital agency

Attract Visitors

Attract website visitors via one of the different online marketing services such as Organic Search, PPC, social media, email marketing etc.

Engage with Visitors

Engage via social media. Conversion optimisation and SEO improvements to improve traffic.

Loyal Customers

End result (if done correctly) is loyal brand loving customers you will want to engage with your band and spread the word via their social channels.

An effective internet marketing strategy relies on a successful multi-channel campaign when the different components work smoothly and in tandem with one another. Unfortunately in internet marketing, it’s not a case of one size fits all, every marketing campaign set up by an online marketing agency should be unique and specific to that clients requirements, business model and internet marketing needs.

The world of online marketing is continually evolving and that’s why your decision of which online marketing company in Sydney to partner with is so important. We are fully committed to the success of your campaign and making sure that it’s performing generating good ROI. Our large team of internet marketers have streamlined process which work fantastically well with our client bespoke SEO and PPC strategies.


What our clients say

Catherine Freemantle

Bump, Baby & Beyond

Having been bitten by some less than savory SEO companies in the past, I was nervous about forking out more money for no result – or worse, Google penalties. The team at Digital Search Australia were kind and patient with my thousand and one questions, made me feel reassured and much less nervous. Not only has the work they have done themselves made a difference to our SERP rankings, but they have been instrumental in getting my external web developers and software providers to “come to the party” – something I had been struggling with myself for over a year. The only SEO company I would feel happy recommending.

Elliott Pritchard

Travel Republic Limited

I worked with Joe (Digital Search Group_ for 3 years and in that time found him to be diligent and proactive, providing great service and a pleasure to work with.

Damien Kalmar

Kalmar Antiques

1. Are you saitisfied with the level of service you are receiving?

“Yes, extremely happy”

2. What is one thing that we aren’t doing for you that you wish we did?

“Stumped me on that one… I couldn’t think of an answer”

3. Is there anything we can improve upon?

“No, very happy”

Adrian Lee

Diamond Brokers Queensland

1. Are you satisfied with the level of service you are receiving?

“Service has been great the right amount of phone contact initiated from digital search and response to any questions is very prompt”

2. What is one thing that we aren’t doing for you that you wish we did?

“Haven’t found anything yet”

3. Is there anything we can improve upon?

“Not that I have needed”