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No guesswork. No replication. Just tailored solutions to meet your needs. Using advanced techniques, for desktop and mobile, we give your site the building blocks it needs to succeed and the powerful sustainability to reach and retain the top positions. 

If you’re looking for a top Sydney-based online marketing agency, then you’ve come to the right place. Three Fat Fish can help you achieve your business goals. We are a leading online marketing agency in Sydney. Contact us today, if you need an online marketing consultant.
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Three Fat Fish is a Sydney online marketing agency focusing on helping businesses throughout Sydney and across Australia increase traffic to their websites using natural ethical online marketing techniques which offer a high return on investment alongside long-lasting results. Being a top digital marketing agency (in Sydney), we deliver end-to-end integrated online marketing strategies focused on developing online reach and visibility for your business or brand to local, national, and international audiences.

Our team has been heavily involved in delivering successful digital marketing campaigns in Sydney for over 10 years now. We are not some stuffy agency made up of a few SEO consultants and technical staff. We have the backing of a strong creative team of graphic designers, web designers, and developers. We produce crisp, clean, and functional websites which look great and generate fantastic conversions and rankings on Google.

High ROI Online Marketing Services in Sydney

We focus on the goals and objectives which are most important to your business. To ensure we complete all the objectives set and that there is a good SEO strategy in place which is tailored to your exact needs and available budget.

Unlike a lot of other digital marketing agencies in Sydney, we do ask a lot of questions at the beginning of the relationship, to give ourselves a complete understanding of how your business is set up.

This helps us uncover and identify different attributes, assets, and opportunities within your online business which we can leverage to give your SEO and content outreach strategy much more reach, focus, and penetration.

Sydney Digital Marketing Results

We don’t use smoke and mirrors when discussing online marketing strategies with our clients, like other Sydney agencies, you might have come across. We don’t bamboozle our clients with technical SEO jargon when speaking to them about our different approaches to our services, leaving them feeling alienated and confused.  Instead, we explain everything in an easy-to-understand way and we are continually educating our clients about the different integrated SEO, content marketing, and Social media processes we undertake and implement for their digital marketing campaigns.

While at the same time, keeping them updated with the progress of their campaigns, through some of the most comprehensive analytical reporting available in the industry. We feel that being as transparent and honest as possible in our approach to our online marketing services is the best way of building trust and developing long-term partnerships with our clients in Sydney and the rest of Australia.

An Honest and Trustworthy Online Marketing Agency That Gets Results

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The Benefits Of Working With The Three Fat Fish

As an online marketing services company, we understand that not all businesses are the same. That’s why we offer a variety of online marketing SEO services, tailored to fit each company’s needs. From website design and online marketing SEO to social media marketing and advertising, our team has the knowledge and experience to help your business succeed online.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our internet marketing services:

  • A tailored approach: We know that not all online marketing companies are the same, which is why we offer a variety of services tailored to fit your specific needs.
  • Internet marketing gurus: Our SEO internet marketing experts have years of experience in providing internet marketing services, so you can be sure that they’ll help your business reach its goals.
  • Results-driven: We always aim for results – whether it’s increasing website traffic or driving more leads through social media campaigns. We’re dedicated to getting what you need out of your internet marketing campaign, so you can focus on running your business instead.

Types Of Online Marketing Service

There are many different types of online marketing services, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some popular types of the best digital marketing services include:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO Internet marketing is optimizing a website for search engines can help it rank higher in search results, which can lead to more traffic and website visitors.

  • Paid advertising

Ads that are placed on online marketing sites or in other places online can be targeted to specific demographics or interests, which can generate leads and sales.

  • Link building

Creating quality links to your website from reputable sources is one of the most effective ways to improve your site’s ranking and visibility. This can result in more traffic and website visitors.

  • Viral Marketing

A term used to describe marketing that spreads quickly through word-of-mouth among consumers. It is a type of advertising that uses surprise or unexpected events to promote products or services. Viral marketing can be used to introduce new products, increase brand awareness, and build customer loyalty.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes to connect with their customers. By using these platforms, companies can share news, updates, and content that is relevant to their audience. Additionally, social media marketing can help local internet marketing companies build relationships with potential and current customers.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is the practice of using email to send promotional messages to a list of recipients. It is one of the most popular forms of internet marketing, with billions of emails being sent each day. Email marketing can be used to promote products and services, build relationships with customers, and increase brand awareness.

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

PPC (pay per click) advertising is a form of internet marketing in which a business pays the internet marketing agencies to place ads on search engines or other online platforms with the goal of attracting potential customers to their website.

  • Online Content Marketing Services

Online Content Marketing Services is the practice of creating and delivering valuable, engaging content to your target audience. The content can take many forms, from blog posts to social media updates to videos. The goal is to build a relationship with your audience by providing valuable information and entertaining them with interesting stories. 

FAQs For The Best Digital Marketing Agency

What are online marketing services?

Online marketing services are a fantastic way to increase your company’s visibility and sales. If you want more customers or more fans on social media or followers on any of their favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc., then an internet marketing firm is going to be an excellent decision for both short-term growth as well as long-term stability because these local online marketing strategies work!

Plus with all those new people coming into contact through various channels every day. Let’s make it happen at Three Fat Fish. While further boosting your rankings online too, so please give us a call today.

What can an online digital marketing agency do for my business?

Internet marketing agencies are small business internet marketing solutions to attract new customers and increase their online presence.

It’s no secret that in this day and age, competition is fierce between companies looking to stand out from one another with ads on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram advertisements which can range anywhere from TV commercials during prime time hours down to simple banner adverts hidden among other content where they won’t distract viewers but instead get noticed by them! 

How do I find the best digital marketing company for my company?

This is a question that plagues all online marketing firms, regardless of industry, size, or budget. First, find out what your goals are. Is your goal to generate leads, or are you hoping to make immediate sales? Once you’ve determined what your goals are, you’ll be able to find the best internet marketing company to handle the project.

What are the Benefits of Working with an Online Marketing Agency?

From our years of internet marketing outsourcing experience to our dedication to customer satisfaction, there are many benefits to working with an online marketing agency


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