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We tailor a bespoke content marketing strategy around each of our clients link building campaigns. Our team of highly experienced content writers work in tandem with our hardworking PR outreach team to making sure your engaging content is published on the most authoritative, reputable and relevant blogs and websites.

Inbound links pointing at your website always have and continue to be so important to ensuring visibility in the search engines. Out of the 200 ranking signals which contribute to Google’s overall ranking algorithm having backlinks with your target keywords appearing in the anchor text or ‘hyper link’ placed on another website pointing back at yours, will increase your search engine rankings and visibility (if the site linking to you is considered to be a quality website in the eyes of Google).

Link building is highly laborious, frustrating and even completely baffling sometimes, however if you want your website to be competitive in the search engines improving your backlink profile and increasing social signals and engagement, is an absolute must. Our Sydney link building service does not really involve any ‘building’ of links we actually feel that this term is quite outdated and not relevant anymore if you are doing things the right way. What we actually do for our link building strategy is create compelling reasons why people ‘would’ want to link back to your website through the different channels we use such as content marketing (strategy), blog posts, and outreach and PR.

There are several key contributing elements which make up what’s needed for a successful link building strategy in 2015. Having a good understanding of your target audience is absolutely essential, the more understanding of them you have the more penetrating your content marketing and outreach strategy will be. If you are a currently looking at employing an SEO link building service, the strategy we offer will build relationships, create engaging content, increase referral traffic via blogger outreach content being publishing on authority websites and blogs. We will help you maximize the visibility of your brand through social media and content engagement while increasing the rankings of your website in Google for your most important keywords through the powerful backlinks we are generating via our unique PR blogger outreach processes.

Breakdown of Our Link Building Strategy, Combining Blogger Outreach, PR, Content Creation and Content Marketing

Link Building plays a massive role in our SEO strategy and is a fundamental area we focus on every month when working on our clients campaigns. Before we work on your campaign our PR specialists will carry out some initial research into who are the main influencers in your industry as well as identifying key audience segments who we can develop a strategy around to market content to, through blogger outreach and PR. We have our own teams who cover the creative aspects of your campaign such as content creation and developing info-graphics (to component the content we are marketing to make it more appealing to publishers from the more authority websites in your industry). We are completely transparent in our approach and work closely with all our clients so that we can help them develop the best possible link building strategy which will be rewarded with long term high rankings and high levels of visibility in the search engines.

Content Marketing Strategy

The cornerstone of any SEO link building done properly these days is having compelling content which people will want to engage with. We have lots of expertise in this area and even develop content marketing and combined link building strategies for large brands in Australia, UK and USA. We have a professional team of content writers, outreach specialists, designers and project managers at our disposal who are all involved in the content creation, creative and marketing process. Which makes up the winning strategy which can propel your website to the top of the SERP’s and offer long-term safe (Penguin Penalty Free) results.

PR Specialist Team

Our PR team have some great contacts with journalist for many prominent news outlets, industry specific influencers, bloggers and publishers. Our PR specialists help us create the individual strategies for our client’s campaigns by finding opportunities and identifying online assets which can be leveraged. Our main focus is to attract links to the sites, increase referral traffic and brand awareness by putting your content in-front of the right people.

Blogger Outreach Team

Our blogger outreach team are the engine powering our whole link building services and strategy. They are continually reaching out and engaging with new potential bloggers and online publishers asking for our content to be published using a highly personalised email and social communication approach. To ensure the quality of the websites we are approaching via outreach our team needs to check every website beforehand to make sure they meet our strict SEO criteria. By following this strict criteria we can guarantee any links we procure will be of high quality and will generate good long-term results.

Creative Blog Content

We work full time with a large pool of professional native speaking content writers who focus their content crafting skills and expertise around specific industries and sectors such a Travel, Finance, home-improvements, Jewelry or fashion. They have vast experience researching and writing highly acclaimed content which invokes emotion and engagement from the readers as it gets them talking about our clients brand or business. If you want to see some examples of the content and links we have published via outreach including the quality of the websites we have successfully reached out to, please get in contact.

Creative Infographics

The infographics we design and create are used in conjunction with the content we outreach with for our link building services in Sydney. We find that our blog posts are a lot more appealing to top end publishers (authoritative websites) if we include some unique infographics as they improve the presentation and the social engagement of the articles we get published. Our creative design team works very closely with our PR and Outreach specialist to make sure the infographic design and message fits perfectly within the subject mater of the content and relates to the audience the content is targeted at.


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No Guest Post Blog Mark-up to Worry About

Just to confirm with the strategy we employ we generally don’t get content published using a guest post mark-up (so you don’t need to worry about there being a Google footprint associated with our links). Nine out of ten times the owner of the website will publish our content under their own name, we are effectively acting as ghost writers for online publishers who are hungry to publish high quality well written content which will engage their audience and increase traffic to their blog and social media channels.

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