Ethical SEO Services in Sydney Which Offer Long-Term Results

SEO still offers the best possible online marketing ROI to Sydney business owners, looking to increase their online sales and visibility through the search engines

Three Fat Fish (Digital Search Australia) SEO company based in Sydney have the required SEO expertise, knowledge and experience to get your website ranking highly in all the important search engines and most importantly Google. The creative outreach process we use for our link building service is completely natural in the eyes of of the search engines. Our holistic approach increases your visibility through high quality content marketing utilising social media channels through content engagement while pushing your most important keywords onto the first page.

Choosing the Best SEO Company to Partner With, in Sydney?

illustration-mission-optimizedWhen choosing which Sydney SEO specialist to partner with, you definitely need to do your own research before making a decision. Search Engine Optimisation has changed massively over the last couple of years with some fundamental changes relating to how Google perceives spammy link building (Penguin) and low quality website content (Panda). This has resulted with a lot of Sydney SEO companies having to change tactics and focus on being much more creative in their approach. Companies now need to work much harder to produce a higher quality work needed to generate long term results for their clients. Unfortunately, a lot of companies which offer SEO services in Sydney and across the rest of Australia, are still incorporating spammy techniques into the SEO services they offer their clients. This short-cut strategy is on longer effective or relevant to SEO anymore. Google hates it so much, it can even lead to your websites getting penalised and losing organic visibility altogether. Call us today to speak to one of our highly trained SEO experts so we can explain what makes us different.

Sydney SEO Specialists Who Stay Ahead of the Google Curve

To stay ahead of the Google curve and to make sure we are always on the bleeding edge, we are continually updating our SEO experience and updating the SEO services we offer to our Sydney clients by studying the latest industry news and developments. And we are always taking into consideration what Google’s next moves will be, with any future updates. So we can keep abreast of any changes on the horizon and know the latest techniques to make sure our clients have the best possible future proof strategies in place for our clients across Australia.

Keyword Research Finding the Best Opportunities

If you are new to SEO and don’t have an idea about the best keywords to target, we suggest carrying out our insightful keyword research which will highlight every available keyword relevant to your business, services and products. We will then ask for your personal input, so you can run through all the keywords using your industry knowledge to prioritise the ones which will work best for your business. With this important data, we can then map-out and plan a strategy which is 100% tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive SEO Audits and Technical Recommendations Carried Out by Experts 

services-content-strategyA big part of onsite optimisation is about making you’re website relevant for the keywords you want to rank for, so when the search engine spiders crawl your pages they are picking up the correct keywords in the right places. However onsite optimisation work does also involve fixing issues which are preventing the websites from performing in the search engines, such as the common issue of having multiple duplicate pages which are all indexed by Google, at the same time. The SEO experts in our technical team provide comprehensive SEO Audits and Technical Recommendations which cover over 200 separate points which make sure we identify all of the issues, leaving no stones upturned, as well as making sure your website is fully relevant for all your important keywords.

6 Month KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Projections for Our SEO Campaigns

Outreach Link Building & Content Marketing

multi-chanel content outreachBeing the go to SEO comapny in Syndey for link building services, we gain backlinks to our clients sites from high traffic authoritative industry specific websites and with good social media metrics, which are held in high regard by Google. To do this, we use a creative outreach process combined with a unique content marketing strategy. We have a great team of creative content writers who regularly manage to get their content accepted and published on high traffic websites and blogs, by writing well researched topical and timely pieces which resonate with the publishers and the social communities which follow them. Remember it’s all about the quality of the websites where the links are placed now. NOT the total number of backlinks you get from crappy websites, which offer no value to the end user. Gone are the days of spam, it’s now all about being creative, aiming for quality and trying to add value whenever you can. If you are looking for a penguin proof link building package you can rely on moving forward without the fear of being penalised, please get in contact today.

Google Penguin and Panda Updates

penguinThe Penguin is a filter in Google’s algorithm which detects links which are coming from low quality spammy websites and if you have too many toxic links pointing at your site, Google will penalise your rankings. If you have previously worked with other Australian SEO companies over the years who have built links for you, there is a good chance that your rankings rankings might have been affected by one of the many Google Updates nicknamed Penguin.

Have been hit by the Penguin? Want to recover lost rankings? Please get in contact we can help. We have experience in recovering rankings for websites which have been penalised by the Penguin. Initially, we provide a FREE Backlink Health Check incorporated into all of our proposals, which will give you a good overview of how healthy your backlink profile is and if a link clean-up is needed.

Who first said “Content is King”? Well whoever it was, since the introduction of the Panda update to Google’s algorithm back in 2011 that statement has never been more truer.
If you feel that the quality of the content on your website pages is not up to scratch due to being badly written, not making sense, spelling mistakes, being very thin and maybe even being plagiarised/stolen content. There is a chance your ranking’s might of been penalised by the Panda update.

We can help regain your lost rankings by identifying the affected pages and replacing the penalised content with high quality optimised content which Google will love and visitors to the site will want to engage with and share. Please visit our content writing page for more information about how we can help. CLICK HERE

Our Full Bespoke SEO Service Offerings

• Content Marketing/Outreach Link Building
• SEO Audits & Onsite Recommendations
• Optimised SEO Web Content Creation
• Extensive Keyword Market Research
• Backlink Audit
• Toxic Link Removal/Disavow Service
• Quality In-depth Monthly Reporting

SEO Consultants Sydney with an Ethical Approach

Being long-term SEO consultants Sydney based, we are highly passionate about our approach to SEO and the unique service we offer and love talking about it. Please get in contact today for an informal chat about how our SEO services Sydney focused campaigns can help your business grow online. Regardless of if you end up working with us or not, you will still benefit from the insights and information we will provide. Which will help you make a more informed decision when deciding which SEO Specialists in Sydney to work with. Thinking SEO Sydney think Three Fat Fish , we are here to help.




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