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Three Fat Fish Produce High Quality Functional WordPress Websites Which Look Stunning and are Great for Generating Leads, Increasing Brand Awareness and Creating Great Business Opportunities.

We are not your average Sydney web design company, as we have strong backgrounds in SEO working in competitive industries and achieving great results in the organic listings in Google for our clients. Our WordPress web design team can effortlessly deliver website builds which are fully optimised for the search engines and relevant for your most important keywords. Using comprehensive keyword research to define the best keywords to incorporate into the optimisation. We then deploy our onsite SEO recommendations at the same time when the website is being built. Unfortunately, there are a lot of web designers in Sydney and across the rest of Australia who don’t really have a clue about the basic fundamentals of SEO and never incorporate it into their web design service.

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Why We Use WordPress for Website Design?

We love using WordPress for our website design projects because it’s built in CMS (Content Management System) is probably the easiest one to use, from a client’s perspective. You don’t need to be a techie to update content on your web pages and don’t have to pay a Sydney web designer every time you want to upload some images to the site. WordPress is the most used website platform in the world and there is good reason for it, if you take a serious look at functionality and usability it offers.

WordPress is an open-source software program and it’s free and available for everyone to use. It is continually updated by a huge team of accomplished web developers who are always trying to improve the functionality of the platform making it better in some way or another.

There are thousands of plugins and widgets available bringing an array of different functionality, from plugins which help to stream your social media posts onto the pages of the site to plugins which even help with SEO.

The usability is fantastic, updating pages on the site by using a CMS is comparable to navigating around your browser, it’s that easy.

WordPress websites perform really well in the search engines.The coding behind the platform is very clean and simple which makes it easy for the search engine spiders to crawl the site pages. You also have full control over the site title tags, meta descriptions and headers which are crucial factors for SEO, making sure each page is fully optimised and relevant for its selected keywords.

The website can grow with your business, the platform is very scalable which means if your website eventually grows to have thousands of pages and you start getting huge volumes of traffic there will be no compromise in the website performance.

WordPress websites are mobile responsive working well on any device so people will be able to find your website on their smart phones and tablets, without you having to go to the trouble of getting a separate mobile website created.


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Magento eCommerce Website Development Sydney

If you are looking for a powerful eCommerce solution for your business we have Sydney developers who are experts at working with the Magento eCommerce platform, which is run on open-source software and at the same time incredibly powerful and is trusted by over 200,000 merchants worldwide, a lot of which are huge brand names.

There is a minimal monthly fee payable to Magneto each month and we will charge for the number of pages we design and develop for the website. But if you are serious about your online business and selling large volumes of products securely on the web, this is the eCommerce platform you should be looking at. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Interested to find out more?

If you are interested in our custom WordPress web design or eCommerce development service or perhaps you want to migrate your current website across to one of these platforms, please get in contact. We will ask the right questions so we can find out exactly what you want to achieve with the website, so we can determine the best web design solution for your Sydney business and provide a meaningful quotation.

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