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Pay Per Click has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure as a result of first page exposure on major search engines. PPC Advertising can be a great way of driving targeted traffic to your website and can generate a fantastic return on investment. However if NOT done properly your PPC campaign can turn into a nightmare situation as the campaign eats through your marketing budget without generating enough conversions and sales due to being set up incorrectly. If you are finding yourself in the same position with your current AdWords management firm we would love to have the opportunity to carry out a PPC audit so we can identify improvements and map out what’s needed to get your AdWords campaign back on track.

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A Serious Google Ads Management Services by An Experienced Team

We have a highly professional and qualified Google Ads management team who have a vast amount of experience working in many different industries throughout Australia. For our PPC management services we use a well thought out methodology and strategy for every individual client campaign. We work with a range of companies from small start-up business to large established brand, whatever the size of your business and ambitions we can help put together a PPC strategy which will offer great ROI and give you peace of mind you are getting the best bang for your buck.

AdWords (PPC) Strategy Set-Up

The first task for any PPC campaign is to set-up the strategy which is tailored around your business. To do this we must understand your business model, including USP’s, target keywords, competitors as well as having a general understanding of your business sector and industry. By spending some time in this area we can put together a comprehensive PPC strategy which will generate the exposure and visibility you need to generate sale in the most cost effective way

Keyword Analysis and Selection

To ensure that there is no wastage in your campaign and we are maximising the traffic and conversions we are generating from your available PPC marketing budget, we need to make sure we are bidding for the best possible keywords. Our AdWords management team will identify the right keywords to use while removing the keywords which are wasteful.

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Google Ads Copy Writing

We will make sure the wording for your Pay Per Click Ads are well structured with a robust call to action which will generate a higher click through rate (CTR). We will also continually introduce new ad copies and test them against previous versions to make sure that we are maximising your marketing spend.

PPC Tracking and Reporting

For us to manage your PPC campaign effectively we need access to your AdWords campaign as well as access to your Google Analytics account. This will enable us to track all the important elements of your campaign and give us the important data we need to optimise your campaign, so its firing on all cylinders.

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